What are we?

We are an advertising agency with expertise in all areas of advertising – from the idea to the production, from the strategy to the relevant results that increase numbers.

Our work and growth are evidence of our success and our employees possess expertise in every area of advertising.

Each of our projects is focused on providing a brand with visibility, uniqueness and success, from the idea and production to the strategy and results.


    CLIENT Printera. CHALLENGE Rebranding of one of the most successful printing companies in the region. SOLUTION To design a modern, yet everlasting visual identity and create a communication which will represent the company's values and trends. By using clean lines, geometric shapes and pastel colors, we have created a simple and distinctive visual identity stripped of all the unnecessary elements. This new identity was first introduced in a notebook which was a Christmas present for Printera's friends and clients. The idea was to emphasize Printera's close relationship with its clients because, whether it's a one time job or a long-lasting collaboration, Printera always makes their clients feel special. Just like we should treat anybody we truly care about.        
    • CLIENT Jadran is the largest Croatian producer of socks for women, men and children with more than 85 years of uninterrupted tradition of production. CHALLENGE To come up with naming and packaging design for a new line of stockings and it`s two similar but different types. Also, to lay down a communication strategy for the marketing campaign. All in all – the whole package. SOLUTION Naming the product appeared to be a simple task but we wanted to communicate the benefits and give a clear & simple name for the customers to see the difference at first glance. This formula has resulted in an idea to name the product line „Walk & Care“. Various aspects of care were explained in „Active shape“ & „Hydra care“ names for the products. After that, we needed to design packaging for the products, in line with the given names. It had to be easily understood yet simple, different but still noticeable. We decided to use subtle colours; colour pink to evoke skin care and light blue to suggest hydrating skin care. In order to emphasize the product’s additional benefit -  care for the legs while walking, we added motivating statements to the packaging design saying „Slim effect with every step“ & „Rich care with every step“. To add a final touch,  all the important information about the product was included as well as its effects. Finally, we also started a launch campaign to present all of the above. Here again, we decided that clear and simple is the best option. Presenting beautiful women wearing Jadran stockings while “on the move “ covered all that had to be said. Simply a touch of the product name and the Jadran logo – and voilà! Until the next time – walk & take care. We suggest you do it while wearing a pair of Jadran stockings.
    • CLIENT Croatian micro-distillery “Duh u boci” (The Spirit in the Bottle Ltd) managed by two pilots who produced a gin using the world's only recipe created in the skies. CHALLENGE Passion for flying and taste for the finest spirits inspired this truly unique product. This is where our passion came into play – branding the product, starting with the seemingly easy task of naming the gin, through the logo & label design challenges, all the way to the final brand story. SOLUTION Since it was created by two pilots, naming the product “Old Pilot's Gin“ was an obvious solution. Still, it was sometimes hard to see the forest from the trees. After we came up with the name, it was only logical to continue with the aviation theme and use as many aviation motives as possible. There was only one problem: there were so many, and the label offered limited space to creatively put them together. Since we often find ourselves overwhelmed with too many ideas, picking and choosing are some of our best skills. But, this time it wasn't as easy, with so many planes, models, motives, lights and stripes, maps and tracks to choose from... Fortunately, the clients helped by knowing what they wanted and didn’t want. There are many secrets as to why some things were done a certain way. For example, the shape of the label follows the shape of the plane’s wings, and the plane used for the visual is one of the most recognizable models in the history. We'll leave the rest to true gin & aviation lovers to discover. Every detail on the bottle has a meaning, a role in the story, and all together they unmistakeably tell a story that was meant to be told – the story of two passions combined: flying and finest gin spirit. This truly was one of the projects that still makes us smile with pride, raise the glass and say “Cheers!“. Photos by Tomislav Valent
    • CLIENT Podravka, a food company with thousands of products in its diverse portfolio. CHALLENGE Designing a promo packaging for the two of their iconic products with the longest tradition on the market, marking their 60th anniversary. The task was to create a look that celebrates the years of tradition and brand values, but also reflects the products and their simple recipes, which remained unchanged and toothsome to both older and younger generations. SOLUTION The goal was to catch the eye of existing consumers, but also attract new ones by reinventing the familiar look of the products and creating a festive and slightly more streamlined design. In line with the current retro design of these two recognizable products, which features the well-known images of the rooster and the cow and the dominating red colour, we've created a simple and attractive design solution by adding one more colour to the mix. And what better colour than the golden to give the festive look to a product? Combined with the message “60 Years of Unforgettable Flavours”, we got a winner for the new duo packaging, just as Podravka has had its winners on the food market for 60 years. And, hopefully many more years to come. Happy birthday, dear Podravka Chicken Pâté and Beef stew - you look fantastic! :)
    • CLIENT Designer Outlet Croatia, a shopping „city“, fashion & lifestyle destination on the east edge of Zagreb city. CHALLENGE To build awareness of the new Designer Outlet Croatia as the best destination to buy great brands at great prices with discount all year round. To persuade the audience to visit DOC for the opening date and in the opening period. And to direct and organize the opening day event that shows and communicates all listed + provides fun & good times. SOLUTION We went with the simple, logical main message that communicates all of the benefits: Designer Outlet Croatia is your most accessible/affordable/nearest fashion destination. But, we did this in one word: „najdostupnija“, a word with ambiguous meanings, meaning both - being the most accessible and the most affordable. And for the opening event we have prepared sugar & spice & everything nice for all of the guests and customers attending. We had free popcorn, photo booth, dancers, confetti, great food and drinks, violins, great music… But for the atmosphere we really can't take the credit, this one goes to all the great people who joined us.
    • CLIENT Nord. CHALLENGE To create a brand awareness campaign with a long-term strategic brand message that will use humor and easily recognizable visuals to stimulate positive mental connections with the brand among consumers. SOLUTION Nord is a Croatian manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, bathroom and kitchen furniture, faucets and bathtubs, offering quality service at affordable prices. It is a people-oriented company where work is a source of pleasure rather than a burden. A part of its story is reflected in each of its products – every item is made by an expert, using high-tech precision technology, with lots of imagination, happiness and love. A smile on customers’ faces is Nord’s key brand characteristic aimed at leaving a mark on its present customers and sharing happiness with everyone. It is exactly the thing that separates Nord from all others and it represents its legacy for the future. Nord has established the campaign platform and applied it on both ATL and BTL levels. Out-of-home, print and digital advertising consists of images of happy everyday moments shown through droplets of water coming from Nord products, bearing a corresponding headline/slogan “A place where the smile spreads over”. Pleasing and easily remembered message has also been communicated through a radio commercial/song named “Mighty Bathing”. It is a song adapted from a popular Croatian dance hit. For the purpose of developing stronger brand awareness, reaching wider audience and building constant media presence throughout the year, we have created humoristic series with six episodes which have reached over 200,000 views per episode. The star of the series is a funny, unskilled and clumsy, but very determined and likeable life-hacker who is actually a home improvement guy called “Hausmaher”. He is played by famous entertainer Mario Petreković. The ending of the series shows that clumsy repairs by trial and error method can be a reason for laughter. However, when in need of an adequate long-lasting solution, a permanent smile, and a happy ending, you better look for Nord products.
    • CLIENT Centar Cvjetni. CHALLENGE To create a new visual identity and communication concept for Centar Cvjetni, which would announce its new strategic direction and bring the new brand concept to life. SOLUTION Centar Cvjetni has become an integral part of Zagreb’s vibrant and elegant lifestyle in the city centre. Located in one of Zagreb’s most iconic and beautiful squares, Centar Cvjetni evokes feelings of beauty, urban vibrancy and nostalgia for the Zagreb of the old days. However, all things change and evolve, even the most beautiful ones. To announce changes in Centar Cvjetni’s ownership structure and strategic direction, we have created a concept which accentuates the distinctiveness of the mall’s location and acknowledges people’s bond with its historic meaning, at the same time playfully announcing a new story enfolding in its centre! The message “Staro mjesto, nova priča” (“Same place, different story”) highlights the duality of emotions – our love of nostalgia and excitement about the promise of a vibrant future! The subtle approach to announcing changes is meant to spark curiosity while preserving the air of elegance. The logo is more assertive. The red and black colours match the visual identity of Centar Cvjetni’s new owners (SUPERNOVA). To dispel any doubt, we have put the recognizable red dot at the end of this story as well! We have also seized the opportunity to highlight the mall’s unique bond with the location – the flower-shaped logo is a declaration of love to the Cvjetni Square. We witness its love of beauty - in full blossom! The visual narrative tells a story of a familiar place that inspires class and playfulness. Simple lines, elegant symmetry, warm tones and classic typography narrate the story of familiarity and youthful style set in the urban scenography of Zagreb. We are all part of this story.  
    • CLIENT dentAcentar. CHALLENGE Creating a visual identity for dentAcentar, a modern dental practice. SOLUTION Teeth are no laughing matter, but there is no need to be afraid of dentists, especially the ones at dentAcentar. They make a professional multi-disciplinary team with a modern and individualized approach to each patient. We wanted to create a logotype which would adequately represent their expertise, as well as their caring personalities. Therefore, we asked ourselves: “How to be serious, yet have a laid back and friendly appearance? How to be evident and recognizable, yet distinguished and original?” The answer was using a warm color with the usual dental motive, but with a twist. We used an outline of a molar from a different perspective – from the top. A top view for a top dental practice. By putting the letter “A” in this almost abstract looking form, we visually combined a tooth symbol and the name of the practice. Thus, the logotype also accentuates the name of Amruševa Polyclinic, which dentAcentar is a part of. The final result proves that a boring symbol can become an interesting solution.
    • CLIENT Fun Cake Factory. CHALLENGE To create a visual identity for Fun Cake Factory's birthday cake. SOLUTION What says "Happy birthday" more than a cake? Maybe a delicious flying birthday cake carried by a bunch of colorful balloons, with the cutest and most amusing "Happy birthday" message? Yes, that would be it. So, that's exactly how we designed the packaging for the Fun Cake Factory's birthday cake. If you like vanilla and cocoa flavors (and who doesn't?!) don't miss this one. Even if nobody you know is having a birthday, treat yourself - somewhere in the world, somebody is having one!
    • CLIENT Fun Cake Factory. CHALLENGE Creating a name and logo for Fun Cake Factory's new product - water enhancers. SOLUTION The product comes in a small on-the-go packaging which requires a short name and a fresh design that will pop up. We have thus suggested a catchy wordplay - Sokiraj!. Basically, we have created a new Croatian verb - sokirati – by merging words which mean “shock” and “juice”. This playful name that suggests action effectively communicates the main feature of the product. The bottle is small and practical for use as it can be carried around and used anywhere, e.g. in the office, at school or in the street. We wanted to create a logo that would match the nature of the product. It is fun and tasty, and it looks like spilled juice which fits in the overall fruity design that comes in several different colours, depending on the product's flavour. Therefore, when water becomes a bit too boring for you, grab Sokiraj!. Just one squeeze of this fruit extract will turn plain water into a delicious drink (no, not into wine).
    • CLIENT Narodne novine. CHALLENGE Creating a TV commercial to promote a product range with features of the Croatian national football team competing in the 2016 UEFA European Championship. SOLUTION Since the Croatian national football team won the bronze at the World championship in 1998, France has remained in a very special place in our memories. After this magnificent success, the ambition of a new generation of players grew proportionally to the expectations of a new generation of fans. Given that this year we return to France to compete in EURO 2016 and that we are much more prepared and equipped, we decided to evoke some firey support from the youngest fans. On this occasion, football meets and dominates every aspect of their (and our) lives, so we are proud to show that every true and passionate fan can find (almost) everything for themselves in Narodne novine stores. The only thing still missing is a trophy, but considering that the footballers performed very well in the commercial, they will surely be even more successful playing their part in the field.
    • CLIENT Zagrebačka banka. CHALLENGE Creating visual and verbal communication for various products, according to the standards of Zagrebačka banka. SOLUTION Zagrebačka banka is the leading bank in Croatia and, as a member of UniCredit Group, it has clear advertising guidelines. The bank's marketing strategy is perfectly summarized in the brand's signature - “Life is full of ups and downs. We’re there for both.” No matter what happens, whether it's an "upper" or a "downer", Zagrebačka banka promises to offer help to its clients. The bank understands people's real life challenges, opportunities and needs, and strives to send that message in its ads. Therefore, our job was to find consumer insight for this particular campaign and turn it into witty headlines and visuals, as well as to communicate the product benefits and a positive image of the bank. From supermarkets to gas stations and the biggest Croatian airport, just like Zagrebačka banka, we had a solution for each challenge.
    • CLIENT Hrvatska lutrija / Croatian Lottery. CHALLENGE Creating a series of seven TV commercials and accompanying print and web materials to promote Instant Lottery and its variety of scratch-and-win games. A challenge in itself was the task to film all seven TVC's in one single day. SOLUTION We found the solution... out there. Playing Instant Lottery is a kind of impulsive, random act of optimism, so our intention was to create a goofy concept that balances on the verge of absurdity. Scratch-and-win games offer a chance to instantly win an „astronomical“ amount of money, but in order to win—you need to scratch. So we came up with a story of an astronaut, all alone in space, trying to reach and scratch the lottery ticket. In zero gravity that is not such an easy task, yet his eternal, maybe even unfounded optimism pushes him to persevere in spite of all odds. Our aim was to create a character that recalls the glory days of space race, when first astronauts were the icons of popular culture, and the enthusiasm about exploring „The Final Frontier“ was making us proud of being a part of human race that dares to literally go above and beyond in order to gain a deeper knowledge. There was a lot of humor to be mined there, visually and narratively. Early on, not only due to budget and time constraints, we decided to lean in to poetics of exploitation movies, to create some sort of a self-aware low-budget „trashy“ charm where not everything is polished, least of all the visual effects. That was our way to additionally accentuate the absurdity of the whole concept. We found the perfect guy to incorporate the inate goofiness of our story in local actor Igor Pečenjev who easily downplays his classic good looks with a biting sense of humor and irony. Casting him, we finally found our „Grebonaut“ („Scratch-O-Naut“) and it was up to director Vanja Vascarac and his crew to bring him to life and nurture his development throughout the whole series. First two TVC's are now finally on air. The first one, promoting the game „Lova do krova“ („Money To the Roof“), introduces the whole concept of our Grebonaut reaching for the ticket in zero gravity. The second part of the series promotes the game „Božićna srećka“ („Christmas Ticket“), so we decided to give our Grebonaut a Christmas party-of-one in space, with the tree, lights and presents—and, of course, the lottery ticket that's just beyond his reach. The TVC's that are about to follow, continue the character development, while being more narratively driven. We look forward to presenting our audience the following five installations of this endearing and quite unique concept that was an utter joy to incept and bring to life. May the Force be with us!    
    • CLIENT Printera. CHALLENGE Creating a publication with the task to promote Printera's printing expertise and enforce Printera's position as a leader in printing innovations. SOLUTION In September 2014 we published the first issue of Printevolution, a luxurious periodical magazine which gently introduces the casual reader to current trends of the ever-changing printing industry and also keeps the insiders updated on all the news, innovations and best practices from around the world. Printevolution is an utterly unique project so we had virtually no role models when it comes to creating content. That was actually a blessing in disguise because we were pushed to be original and proactive in our mission to produce a magazine that was a joy to look at and compelling to read. The name Printevolution was chosen because it accentuates the ongoing evolution of printing industry and techniques; its meaning is programmatic and its form is creative, which is an appropriate metaphor for the magazine itself. Our design combines minimalistic cleanliness with unexpected outbursts of shapes and colors that disturb the sternness in a playful yet controlled manner, which gives our magazine an eclectic yet unmistakably business-like look and feel, reinforcing our belief that work and play aren’t and shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Within the magazine one can find all the news from the printing world, from introducing new technologies to presenting new trends and showing breakthrough achievements from our colleagues all over the world. In Printevolution publishers and creative agencies are offered the chance to present their case studies which improve the culture of publishing and inspire creatives to explore all the wonders that print can make happen. In the surrounding that continually diminishes the printing industry—from decreasing budgets to increasingly shifting focus towards the digital media—that is no easy feat, yet we go against the wind, challenge it and harness it to our own advantage. There is no printing without the paper so, in order to promote the variety of papers in Printera’s offer, each issue is published on a different type of paper which makes each single issue different and unique but also challenges us to adapt our design to each paper’s properties. In our last issue we went a step beyond—strike that!—we went seven steps beyond because a decision was made to publish the magazine on seven different types of paper, ranging from metallic hard covers in Invercote Metalprint to the ultrathin and transparent Curious Translucents. Keeping up with the task, we created the theme of Snow White and Seven Paper Dwarves wherein each type of paper introduced its strengths and properties to Snow White who was imagined as a stand-in for the actual reader. Since Printera’s reputation extends beyond the regional market, there came a need to introduce Printevolution to its existing and potential foreign clients so periodically we publish it in German language thus proving that printing and creativity know for no borders. Long may we expand!  
    • CLIENT Blitz CineStar. CHALLENGE To make a distinctive logo for a new private type of love seats for couples, as well as premium luxury seats which provide an exclusive experience. SOLUTION With its great service, top movie programs and state-of-the-art technology, CineStar has become a symbol for top quality movie experience. But there are always those who want more. Along with the standard offer, CineStar offers private Lovebox seats for couples, as well as luxury VIP seats. We know how much privacy means to you and your loved one, especially when you're enjoying a movie, so we’ve put some effort into creating something equally lovely and special. The result is the easily recognizable Lovebox logo with a heart-shaped symbol, so that nothing could interfere beside or between you and your loved one. For the exclusive VIP seats, we’ve come up with the best way to express the luxurious experience – a small, but elegant, diamond-like logo with the VIP acronym engraved on it.
    • CLIENT Fun Cake Factory. CHALLENGE First of all creating a visual identity for Fun Cake Factory, a brand new company whose core business are sweet frozen goods. Secondly, creating a visual identity and packaging design for Fun Cake Factory's sub-brand Palačinke. SOLUTION Our goal was to design an FCF logotype that looks corporate but fun at the same time because Fun Cake Factory means business: sweet, sweet business. We got that look and feel by creating a symbol that combines the outline of a factory with a very popular type of sweets – the muffin. To contrast the quirkiness of the symbol, we used a very simple typography to achieve a balanced logo. The first product to be launched by Fun Cake Factory are frozen crêpes called Palačinke (crêpes in Croatian). We wanted Palačinke to stand out in a myriad of frozen products. That's why we have designed a logo you'd actually want to eat. Since the popularity of precooked frozen food began in the 1970's (thanks to the commercial success of microwave ovens), we were inspired by the retro design of that period. This has resulted in cheerful and eye-catching visual areas in the display freezers as the color of the packaging depends on the flavor of the filling in the crêpes. Don't forget to take a look yourself the next time you're in a supermarket. We know we're biased, but you should definitely try some. They're not just cute on the outside, they’re also yummy on the inside!
    • CLIENT Blitz CineStar. CHALLENGE New overall communication concept and visual standardisation for CineStar and it's sub brands, applicable in all regional markets. SOLUTION Blitz-Cinestar has established a network of top notch cinemas with widest array of advanced technologies, movie programs and additional services. The only thing missing was a consistent brand image. With attention to detail and overall feel of the brand, we created an all entailing visual and verbal narrative which tells a story of a fun place which inspires laughter, new ideas and fun. The main motif in new branding strategy was the word „Cine“ which is an integral part of all CineStar services, and which is used in everyday Croatian to express when something „dawns“ on you. CineStar thus became a place of everyday „revelations“ for cinema fans – the place where they'll discover new things and enjoy new cinematic experiences. And the visual elements carried the story to its climax – with bright colors, quirky visuals and elegant typography, CineStar has never been so much fun!
    • CLIENT Blitz CineStar. CHALLENGE Creative communication of CineStar's Family Weekend offer and Facebook contest. SOLUTION Along with cheaper tickets, CineStar family packages also include great deals on popcorn. Since families were obviously our target audience, we made popcorn photos come to life and created CineStar popcorn family! Our client immediately fell in love with the simple design and the over-the-top cute visual, and decided it was the perfect solution for Croatian and Bosnian TV and radio commercials, web banners, print ads and posters. And, of course - the big screen!
    • CLIENT Martin Pohl. CHALLENGE To create a logotype for interior and product designer Martin Pohl. SOLUTION Knowing our client's style, we quickly decided that the logo should be modern and simple. We took his initials and immediately wanted to emphasize the geometry of the letter M. By adding another line, we simply incorporated his last name's initial letter and this beautiful logo was born. The minimalistic logo, deprived of colors, is a good representation of Martin Pohl's work - aesthetics must always go hand in hand with functionality.
    • CLIENT Hrvatska poštanska banka. CHALLENGE Print campaign for contactless HPB MasterCard debit card. SOLUTION We asked ourselves: when can we benefit the most from using a contactless card? The answer was pretty clear - when we're in a hurry. We wanted to portray a real life situation the user can easily relate to. And thus our baby was born.
    • CLIENT Hrvatska Poštanska Banka. CHALLENGE Communication of youth card. SOLUTION The primary mission of every caring parent is to build a nest for its child and to give them wings, once they’re all grown up. Our cards are exactly that, wings in every child’s life.
    • CLIENT Hrvatska poštanska banka. CHALLENGE Communication of new bank savings product. SOLUTION We can’t predict what tomorrow will bring. Therefore, you need to be insured, save money and always have something on the side, for a better tomorrow or for "rainy days".
    • CLIENT Hrvatska poštanska banka. CHALLENGE Communication of current account with freedom of choice. SOLUTION What do we want and what satisfies us? Current account and a connection between a bank and the consumer is just like a good or a bad relationship. How much we give is how much we will get, and vice versa. If we do not like what we get, and it directly affects our lives, it is logical that we're going to try to break it up and strive to get what we really want.
    • CLIENT Hrvatska poštanska banka CHALLENGE Communication of lower interest rates on all loans. SOLUTION The idea is a parody of standard drug commercials. The loan you can get at HPB is a medicine that lowers all high interest rates, and causes the increase of household budget.
    • CLIENT Metro Cash & Carry Croatia. CHALLENGE Christmas image campaign. SOLUTION Have you ever wondered where Santa gets all those wonderful presents that he generously gives away? Legend has it that they are made by hardworking elves. We decided to test that theory. So, during the night, we filmed Santa in the middle of one of his adventures and discovered where Christmas magic actually comes from.
    • Projects are completely carried out by our team of designers, animation artists and copywriters, from the idea to the animation and final mixing.  
    • CLIENT Printera. CHALLENGE Rebranding of one of the most successful printing companies in the region. SOLUTION To design a modern, yet everlasting visual identity and create a communication which will represent the company's values and trends. By using clean lines, geometric shapes and pastel colors, we have created a simple and distinctive visual identity stripped of all the unnecessary elements. This new identity was first introduced in a notebook which was a Christmas present for Printera's friends and clients. The idea was to emphasize Printera's close relationship with its clients because, whether it's a one time job or a long-lasting collaboration, Printera always makes their clients feel special. Just like we should treat anybody we truly care about.        
    • CLIENT Ministarstvo kulture republike Hrvatske / Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. CHALLENGE A proposal for a logo and visual identity of Rendez-Vous Festival. It is a French Festival in Croatia, which communicates and presents a modern and dynamic image of France to the Croatian public through literature, film, art, science, gastronomy and other cultural aspects. SOLUTION The concept is based on funny French phrases written in a way that will make it easy for the Croats to pronounce. Phrases are related to the main segments of the festival and can easily be transformed to match the theme of a certain event.

      We expressed the richness of flavour, creamy texture, naturalness and healthiness with an array of healthy ingredients and premium details, and fulfilled our vision of a new and trendy Podravka soup with a youthful and playful design.
    • CLIENT Printera. CHALLENGE Self promotion. SOLUTION We usually bring personal organizers to meetings, whereas personal things are stored in our mobile phones. With this personal organizer, we combined the two and made an ideal business-personal gadget that, with its functionality, combines analogue and digital, modern and traditional. However, the message these materials carry is more significant than their function – print lives on and it won’t be replaced! This hybrid, a combination of new technologies and traditional print, marks a step forward in service and technology that Printera offers its users.
    • CLIENT Printera. CHALLENGE Print ad campaign. SOLUTION The most important thing in the business world is to make a good impression. In the world of print, quality and a good imprint make the best impression. A print that lasts forever is the idea of the Printera campaign that will last forever in our hearts.
    • For a strong heart and free circulation

      The idea of a heart that “grows veins” has proven to be ideal for communicating the latest medicine for hypertension. For further information about indications and the effect of the visual on your eyes and heart, contact the account manager or designer on duty.
    • Share the pleasure

      We simply love certain challenges. Especially when we get a brief for something so “potent” like a promotion of a new medicine for erectile dysfunction.
    • Less is more. Two colours, folio print and a dominant element that clearly speaks about the product and its image. We developed a new logo and packaging for professional Xwhite strips for sparkling white teeth.
    • This is how we see the most popular Croatian hair removal product – a new identity with striking motifs and colours that, on the one hand, stands out from products, and on the other, strongly communicates its basic benefit.

    Who are we?

    Tomislav Krajačić
    CEO / CCO
    Tomislav Krajačić
    CEO / CCO



    A touch of old, a touch of gold


    We're far from our 60's as an agency, but that doesn't mean we can't make Podravka Chicken Pâté and Beef Stew look good for their anniversary. A touch of old, a touch of gold, something new and nothing blue – and voila! Check out how we've dressed the iconic Croatian rooster and cow for their promo packaging. Disclaimer: it tastes as good as it looks. See full project
    • We're far from our 60's as an agency, but that doesn't mean we can't make Podravka Chicken Pâté and Beef Stew look good for their anniversary. A touch of old, a touch of gold, something new and nothing blue – and voila! Check out how we've dressed the iconic Croatian rooster and cow for their promo packaging. Disclaimer: it tastes as good as it looks. See full project
    • It's cold outside but our hearts got warmed up while shooting a campaign for Accessoires' latest autumn/winter collection that will get every passionate fashion lover excited. The face we chose to represent this popular fashion brand belongs to Antonija Stupar Jurkin whose beautiful appearance is very much a reflection of her fun and warm spirit. The pairing of her impeccable beauty and Accessoires was a home run because the elegance of the accessories was emphasized by Antonija's gorgeous look and attitude. Whether you're looking for a unique statement piece for the New Year's Eve or just some cute gloves to keep you warm during cold winter evenings, new Accessoires' collection has it all. And we fell in love with all of it. WATCH "MAKING OF" MOVIE. READ ON JOURNAL.HR  
    • Designing logotypes never gets easier. A logo should tell a story, yet be simple. It should be unique, yet feel like it has always existed. It should be personal, yet be accepted by a wide audience. The responsibility becomes even greater when your client is also a designer. And a good one too. Oh, the pressure! VIEW PROJECT
    • We put on our tracksuits and got to work. Hard and sweaty work, because that's how our client rolls. The task was to come up with a creative concept for a national image campaign which would present Sport Vision as a leading distributor of premium sportswear and sports equipment. Our body portrays our every move - what we eat, what we apply to it, how much we exercise... Our body is our only home and we should treat it with the utmost respect. Our body should be our temple. This idea was communicated through powerful billboards, print ads, radio commercials and tram hangers. All the sweat paid off when we got feedback from our thrilled client.
    • That's how Printera started this new year. After much deliberation, the new identity for one of the most successful graphics production companies in the region finally saw the light of the day. The rebranding is done, we are very happy with the result and, what's even more important, our client is happy as well. Clean lines, geometric shapes and pastel colors make a simple, yet distinctive visual identity which represents the company's values and trends - Printera is a modern company and plans to continue being the region's leader in its field. This new identity is all about a relationship; Printera's close relationship with its clients. Without any embarrassment, from the notebook to the vehicles, Printera is telling its personal story to the whole world. Whether you're a big client or a small one, whether you're in need of just one thing or you want to establish a long-lasting collaboration, Printera will treat you like you're someone special. Because, to Printera, you truly are. VIEW PROJECT
    • WMF se bliži! Veselimo se ovogodišnjem Balcannesu, kao i svemu što ćemo imati prilike doživjeti! Na tu je temu za Marketing mrežu govorio i naš direktor

      Tomislav Krajačić, CEO/CCO u hrvatskoj agenciji Kofein, za Marketing mrežu govori zašto bi agencije trebale ove godine prijaviti svoje radove na BalCannes, regionalnu reviju najboljih reklamnih agencija i kreativnosti.



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      Tomislav Krajačić: Tko je preživio ovaj period, taj je stekao imunitet na sve buduće krize.

    • Media Marketing

      Ivan Žanetić: Ne postoji dobar razlog da neka hrvatska agencija ne osvoji lava u Cannesu


      Kako je kreativna agencija Kofein u godinu dana došla do 17 zaposlenika i velikih klijenata?


      Predstavljamo: Kreativna agencija Kofein


      Tomislav Krajačić: Oglašavanje nije umjetnost nego znanost i strategija, a itekako ima svrhu


      Kofein nastavio raditi kampanje za Hrvatsku poštansku banku.


      Kofein nastavio raditi kampanje za HPB


      Poduzetnička priča marketing agencija Kofein



    • Progressive

      Izazovi oglasavanja u FMCG sektoru

    • LIDER

      Tomislav Krajačić: Kada nadmašiš očekivanja klijenta, premašit ćeš i svoje planove


      Morana Mikulandra: Kreativna rješenja po mjeri


      Oglašavanje nije umjetnost nego znanost i strategija, a itekako ima svrhu


      Kreativci iz Kofeina


      Sposobni, samostalni i proaktivni pojedinci koji su uspješni zato što zaista rade kao tim


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