As a company that spent a century of its existence trying and succeeding in making (or keeping) people healthy – Pliva became a well-deserved leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays, it is practically synonymous with taking care of us, no matter what ailment we encounter, or goal we set forth. The tradition of excellence accompanied by consistent quality is what keeps Pliva in a good position for an even longer, more prosperous future…

So, we started working on it – right now. Pliva’s line of vitamins and minerals, Plivit, represents one of the best ways to ensure a flourishing future, by revisiting the past from a content point… here in the present!

A complete set of vitamins and minerals, we gave the Plivit® line an identity that will follow every portfolio product, visually, communicatively, authentically. We paired this concept with Pliva’s brand values, and an anniversary story to remember ensued.

Our communication strategy for this umbrella branding task was to convey inspiration, while showing how many more opportunities arise for people whose energy and vitality is kept afloat by Plivit®, as well as Pliva. “Our 100 years, for your 100 years!”, this is the main campaign slogan that encapsulates our key message perfectly. Combining archive footage with some charming stock inserts, we’ve shown Pliva’s overall strength, fortified Plivit’s recognizability and turned ourselves to the future – full of optimism.