Being the largest Croatian-owned bank in the country represents a great deal of pride to Hrvatska poštanska banka (HPB), founded in October 1991 by the Croatian national postal service, and now majority-owned by the Government of Croatia. However, said fact also serves as HPB’s all-encompassing vision and ultimate goal – making life better for everyone in Croatia.

With such a wholehearted task at hand, paired with a years-long lack of campaigns that could raise their brand awareness and reintroduce Croatia to its very own, we were asked to create a multi-platformed communication that would inform people regarding the many activities and overall drive of HPB… Inspire them to believe in their individual dreams, while nourishing the feeling of collective connectedness.

Tying up the rational (housing loans and personal ones for Croatians, at a great rate), with the emotional (strengthening the role of HPB in Croatia’s national identity) – efficiently.

We started by defining our core campaign message: “Biti tu” (Be here). This term simultaneously signalizes being there for someone in a time of need, being there for the fulfilment of their dreams, while being proud of your homeland and wanting to build a better future by staying put. On to the execution – a mosaic of recorded and stock-video scenes with sights from the lives of our targeted audience, a voice-over that highlights the sense of belonging, accompanied by music filled with emotions – to complete the impression. Each of our major TV adverts got their own, unique voice-overs.

In the image TVC, we list all the things that are already here; plans, friends, family, memories, home… and HPB, being here to plant the seeds for a better life in Croatia:

Life can take you anywhere, but it doesn’t have to… Because home is always here. As well as HPB!