Vitamin D comes in two main forms, and they’re both good for us. However, that’s especially true for the D3 one since its efficiency is unmatched. That is why Pliva approached us for the creation of a TVC that would highlight said benefit, and we responded… efficiently.

Oftentimes the best way to get your message across is in fact, the simplest. We chose to illustrate the problems of vitamin D deficiency through relatable situations for people of all generations. The sneeze, the cough, the headache, the shiver, and of course, the visible exhaustion. From there we presented the solution, Pliva’s Plivit D oral drop OTC drug – a staple amongst the medical community.

Soon enough, Pliva introduced a more powerful version of the same drug, aptly named Plivit D2000 because of its stronger vitamin D dosage. Using a combination of stock footage and 3D animation, our goal of informing the public regarding the valuable attributes of this medicine was elegantly completed!