When two devoted mothers and aspiring businesswomen told us they wanted to introduce a way of playing via STEM toys to inspire children’s creativity, spark their curiosity – without taking away the fun of it… We simply replied: “That’s a geeenius idea!”

Since STEM toys aren’t just toys, but an early investment into your children’s future by nurturing their natural talents, as we’ve mentioned before – it was only right to dub this local distributor with a name that suits the goal properly: “Mini Genie”. Catchy, rhymey and above all, happy – our name represents the idea that every child is a little genius in the making… you simply need to give them room to grow. However, if you fill that room up with some “genius toys”, as our slogan suggests, chances are that your Einstein will appear much, much sooner than expected!

To wrap everything up, we aimed to create a logotype which would reflect warmth, exuberance and creativity. Bearing those in mind – Mini Genie was born.