As we all know, the party-scene took a big hit during the early days of the still on-going pandemic… but we were determined to turn things around in the most stylish and comfortable kind of way. Have a looksie!

A year to forget – that is what 2020 meant for your typical party animal. It was a year which tested us beyond measure, so we took our measuring tape and went straight to the tailor! Working with the esteemed Badel 1862 alcoholic beverages company, we envisioned a casual outfit worthy of every possible corona-ridden occasion, always ready for a good time (even at home). By putting the letter „L“ into the otherwise well-known term „bademantil“ which translates to bath robe, our Badelmantil was made.

Next up, we presented Badel’s Prima Brand Black followers a giveaway whose influencer campaign reached over 200,000 users without a media budget! Safe to say, everybody wanted a piece of this silky bliss.