Feb 21, 2019

Client: Podravka, Žito. To be precise, our clients were the three crunchy snacks: Grissini, Hruskete & Zlati Prepečenec.

Challenge: To reacquaint consumers with the products that have been present in the market for some time now, and to do it in a place where they meet face-to-face – the store.



Client: Podravka
Year: 2018


Design Campaign Packaging

Solution: Even small snacks can be tasty, healthy and familiar, yet different. So, why not communicate in the same way? Well aware of the fact that the customers who are looking for tasty snacks are often in a hurry, we knew we had to grab their attention fast, using creative solutions. One day, while snacking and crunching, we came up with this: “Small bites, unlimited possibilities”. Short & simple. And, if you prefer complicated, you can always combine them with sauces. Anyway, they are a crunchy delight for every occasion. Trust us, we know, because all that was left on our tables after this campaign were the crumbs.