Mar 7, 2019

Podravka is a food company with thousands of products in its diverse portfolio, but designing a promo packaging for the two of their iconic products with the longest tradition on the market, marking their 60th anniversary, was a special treat.


Client: Podravka
Year: 2018



The task was to create a look that celebrates the years of tradition and brand values, but also reflects the products and their simple recipes, which remained unchanged and toothsome to both older and younger generations. The goal was to catch the eye of existing consumers, but also attract new ones by reinventing the familiar look of the products and creating a festive and slightly more streamlined design. In line with the current retro design of these two recognizable products, which features the well-known images of the rooster and the cow and the dominating red colour, we’ve created a simple and attractive design solution by adding one more colour to the mix. And what better colour than the golden to give the festive look to a product? Combined with the message “60 Years of Unforgettable Flavours”, we got a winner for the new duo packaging, just as Podravka has had its winners on the food market for 60 years. And, hopefully many more years to come. Happy birthday, dear Podravka Chicken Pâté and Beef stew – you look fantastic! 🙂