Mar 18, 2019

Client: Nord Produkt.

Challenge: To create a brand awareness campaign with a long-term strategic brand message that will use humor and easily recognizable visuals to stimulate positive mental connections with the brand among consumers.



Client: Nord Produkt
Year: 2016




Nord is a Croatian manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, bathroom and kitchen furniture, faucets and bathtubs, offering quality service at affordable prices. It is a people-oriented company where work is a source of pleasure rather than a burden. A part of its story is reflected in each of its products – every item is made by an expert, using high-tech precision technology, with lots of imagination, happiness and love. A smile on customers’ faces is Nord’s key brand characteristic aimed at leaving a mark on its present customers and sharing happiness with everyone. It is exactly the thing that separates Nord from all others and it represents its legacy for the future. Nord has established the campaign platform and applied it on both ATL and BTL levels. Out-of-home, print and digital advertising consists of images of happy everyday moments shown through droplets of water coming from Nord products, bearing a corresponding headline/slogan “A place where the smile spreads over”. Pleasing and easily remembered message has also been communicated through a radio commercial/song named “Mighty Bathing”. It is a song adapted from a popular Croatian dance hit.