Sep 20, 2019

Affordable TV, but also HD Ready/Full HD and with UHD Quantum Dot Technology. Sounds impossible, right? Well TCL proved us all wrong and asked us to create a series of videos for TV and digital channels to promote their newest series of TV screens.


Client: TCL Hrvatska
Year: 2019


Campaign, Digital

Our mission was to position TCL as the best buy brand with great quality and affordable prices. Since the target audience spends their days in front of the TV watching movies and their favorite soccer teams, our idea was to recreate the famous themes in a budget arrangement. Inspired by the famous TV classics and passionate soccer broadcasters we rolled up our sleeves and used paper, scissors, confetti, and talent of our copywriter aka fife player and created a series of short commercials. We wanted to make fun of so-called „savings“ and emphasize the best deal on the market.

Although we started the campaign with a TV ad called „Golden goal“, inspired by a soccer tournament current at the time, the videos of „Gentle Kingdom“, „Shitanic“, „Men in Red“ and „Star Fors“ went online, in series of 4 different ad waves and recorded great results. In just four weeks of the digital campaign, we reached over a million people and had over 300.000,00 views on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

 If you are interested in how the campaign turned out, we recommend watching it on one of the TCL screens, it will look even better!