Mar 7, 2019

Creating a name and logo for Fun Cake Factory’s new product – water enhancers was really fun.

The product comes in a small on-the-go packaging which requires a short name and a fresh design that will pop up. We have thus suggested a catchy wordplay – Sokiraj!.



Client: Fun Cake Factory
Year: 2016


Branding, Design, Packaging

Basically, we have created a new Croatian verb – sokirati – by merging words which mean “shock” and “juice”. This playful name that suggests action effectively communicates the main feature of the product. The bottle is small and practical for use as it can be carried around and used anywhere, e.g. in the office, at school or in the street. We wanted to create a logo that would match the nature of the product. It is fun and tasty, and it looks like spilled juice which fits in the overall fruity design that comes in several different colours, depending on the product’s flavour. Therefore, when water becomes a bit too boring for you, grab Sokiraj!. Just one squeeze of this fruit extract will turn plain water into a delicious drink (no, not into wine).