Mar 8, 2019

Tasty things do come in small frozen packages, and that is why we made this campaign for Žito, Slovenian experts in all things frozen, that we’d like to share with you.


Client: Žito
Year: 2018



Prepared according to the traditional recipe, frozen rolls & dumplings offer their customers a scrumptious meal in the quickest and easiest possible way. We have therefore created a creative communication platform showing a slice of life of an active urban woman who easily balances her daily routine, because ŽITO’s frozen food range gives her enough time for everything else in her life!

We made a series of TV commercials and supporting printed and digital materials for this campaign in order to show younger target groups, living in a life’s fast lane, that they can still have a warm and nutritious meal that will evoke sweetest childhood memories of their grandmother’s cooking, or, as Slovenians would say, ZARES IZI, ZARES DOBRO!