Mar 7, 2019

First of all, the challenge was creating a visual identity for Fun Cake Factory, a brand new company whose core business are sweet frozen goods. Secondly, creating a visual identity and packaging design for Fun Cake Factory’s sub-brand Palačinke.



Client: Fun Cake Factory
Year: 2015


Branding, Design, Packaging

Our goal was to design an FCF logotype that looks corporate but fun at the same time because Fun Cake Factory means business: sweet, sweet business. We got that look and feel by creating a symbol that combines the outline of a factory with a very popular type of sweets – the muffin. To contrast the quirkiness of the symbol, we used a very simple typography to achieve a balanced logo. The first product to be launched by Fun Cake Factory are frozen crêpes called Palačinke (crêpes in Croatian). We wanted Palačinke to stand out in a myriad of frozen products. That’s why we have designed a logo you’d actually want to eat. Since the popularity of precooked frozen food began in the 1970’s (thanks to the commercial success of microwave ovens), we were inspired by the retro design of that period. This has resulted in cheerful and eye-catching visual areas in the display freezers as the color of the packaging depends on the flavor of the filling in the crêpes. Don’t forget to take a look yourself the next time you’re in a supermarket. We know we’re biased, but you should definitely try some. They’re not just cute on the outside, they’re also yummy on the inside!