Jan 21, 2020

Can beer be guilt-free? For those of us who (completely) avoid gluten, the idea of a gluten-free beer sure sounds like the best idea ever. But taste-wise, can it compete with fancy craft beers? The skepticism may be real, but the answer to that question is undoubtedly YES! And yes, we were very delighted to work on the brand identity (design, name and slogan) for this heavenly, gluten-free beer brand!


Client: Proizvodnja Zdrave Hrane d.o.o.
Year: 2019



Branding, Packaging, Design

At first taste, Gardia represents a new, high-quality beer brand – well-balanced and full-bodied aroma, accompanied by a flavorful punch and nuanced aftertaste! However, if you put your eyes to the test, you will find out that it is a gluten-free brand, with lofty aspirations in mind. Gardia’s primary goal is to provide consumers with health issues (such as celiac disease, diabetes or gluten sensitivity) an opportunity to once again, freely and safely enjoy beer in all its charms. However, it also specializes in giving you a mouthful of rich taste – free of (gluten) guilt!

Being carefree, feeling happy and breezy – those are the features we associate with this new gluten-free beer brand. Those same features make up the driving force behind our naming – “Gardia”.

Symbolically, but also quite literally, this brand allows you to enjoy your glass of beer completely carefree and acts as your personal gluten guardian!

Therefore, it was only natural to also reflect this strong motive in our design. We chose a rhombus-shaped label because it represents the message: either way you look at it, Gardia is a safe choice! Combining the subtlety of matte paper with the sparkle of gold foil, we highlighted the brand’s name via thermal print, so that consumers can identify their true guardian among all other beers. Simplicity and seriousness, framed in a gold standard – we have built a design that lasts, for a beer confident in its identity and role. Simply put, Gardia allows you to keep feelin’ good!