Mar 16, 2019

In the spirit of a new message we created for Nord Produkt , “A place where the smile spreads over”, the next step was a viral series that keeps the smile on everyone`s face.


Client: Nord Produkt
Year: 2017


Campaign, Digital

For the purpose of developing stronger brand awareness, reaching wider audience and building constant media presence throughout the year, we have created humoristic series with six episodes which have reached over 200,000 views per episode. The star of the series is a funny, unskilled and clumsy, but very determined and likeable life-hacker who is actually a home improvement guy called “Hausmaher”. He is played by famous entertainer Mario Petreković. The ending of the series shows that clumsy repairs by trial and error method can be a reason for laughter. However, when in need of an adequate long-lasting solution, a permanent smile, and a happy ending, you better look for Nord products.