Feb 22, 2019

Client: Podravka with their brand Žito, a manufacturer of healthy, high quality and delicious foods and baked goods, more precisely, three crunchy snacks: Grissini, Hruskete & Zlati Prepečenec.

Challenge: To design a new packaging look for these three products. The goal is to wrap them in something that looks appealing, but at the same time discreetly and in a fun way communicates their benefits. Challenge accepted!



Client: Podravka
Year: 2018


Design, Packaging

Solution: Using vivid colours and appealing visuals of the products, we’ve created the playground for positioning our message, communicating the benefits and showcasing the yummy snacks. The difference in colours leaves little room for customers to choose the wrong product version by mistake, while at the same time makes the product more noticeable on the shelves. The most important product information is placed at the front, so that the customer can make their choice faster and easier. Even when in a hurry. Especially then. We are firm believers that snacks should be easy going in every possible way. We know this, because time is valuable and we do tend to snack-a-lot. We also added the picture of the product, just so you can look at the tasty snack long after your package is empty. Just joking, but we have tested this theory ourselves and have to admit – it does make you want to go buy some more. Test it yourselves, snack away and have a great and food-filled day.