Feb 22, 2019

Jadran is the largest Croatian producer of socks for women, men and children with more than 85 years of uninterrupted tradition of production.


Client: Jadran Čarape
Year: 2018


Design, Branding, Campaign, Packaging

Challenge: To come up with naming and packaging design for a new line of stockings and it`s two similar but different types. Also, to lay down a communication strategy for the marketing campaign. All in all – the whole package.

Naming the product appeared to be a simple task but we wanted to communicate the benefits and give a clear & simple name for the customers to see the difference at first glance. This formula has resulted in an idea to name the product line „Walk & Care“. Various aspects of care were explained in „Active shape“ & „Hydra care“ names for the products. After that, we needed to design packaging for the products, in line with the given names. It had to be easily understood yet simple, different but still noticeable. We decided to use subtle colours; colour pink to evoke skin care and light blue to suggest hydrating skin care. In order to emphasize the product’s additional benefit – care for the legs while walking, we added motivating statements to the packaging design saying „Slim effect with every step“ & „Rich care with every step“. To add a final touch, all the important information about the product was included as well as its effects. Finally, we also started a launch campaign to present all of the above. Here again, we decided that clear and simple is the best option. Presenting beautiful women wearing Jadran stockings while “on the move “ covered all that had to be said. Simply a touch of the product name and the Jadran logo – and voilà! Until the next time – walk & take care. We suggest you do it while wearing a pair of Jadran stockings.