Feb 22, 2019

Task was creating a visual identity for dentAcentar, a modern dental practice. Teeth are no laughing matter, but there is no need to be afraid of dentists, especially the ones at dentAcentar.




Client: dentAcentar
Year: 2015


Design, Branding

They make a professional multi-disciplinary team with a modern and individualized approach to each patient. We wanted to create a logotype which would adequately represent their expertise, as well as their caring personalities. Therefore, we asked ourselves: “How to be serious, yet have a laid back and friendly appearance? How to be evident and recognizable, yet distinguished and original?” The answer was using a warm color with the usual dental motive, but with a twist.We used an outline of a molar from a different perspective – from the top. A top view for a top dental practice. By putting the letter “A” in this almost abstract looking form, we visually combined a tooth symbol and the name of the practice. Thus, the logotype also accentuates the name of Amruševa Polyclinic, which dentAcentar is a part of. The final result proves that a boring symbol can become an interesting solution.