The magnitude of togetherness

Sep 18, 2020

Home is one of the most beautiful and important things in the world. It is above all a feeling of security, belonging and warmth. Unfortunately, during the earthquake that occurred in Zagreb on March 22, many people were deprived of that feeling.


Client: FZOEU
Year: 2020




Numerous buildings and homes suffered significant damage, and many families had to move out. For the purpose of normalizing the lives of citizens as soon as possible, along with the funds for reconstruction provided by the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund provided 41 million kuna to co-finance the purchase of energy efficient boilers. In addition to informing citizens about financial aid, an important communication goal emerged – a message that in these challenging times, none of us is alone. By creating a concept and slogan that understands the feelings and problems of people whose homes are damaged, we wanted to show that with the power of togetherness we can overcome all adversities, and rebuild what we care the most about. We presented the touching character of this story in a clear and understandable way. Together with a simple style of illustration and optimistic colors we hinted the added value of this campaign: by choosing a more environmentally responsible heating system we are also looking after our common home – the nature.