Feb 21, 2019

The client is a Croatian micro-distillery “Duh u boci” (The Spirit in the Bottle Ltd) managed by two pilots who produced a gin using the world’s only recipe created in the skies. The challenge was to shape the passion for flying and taste for the finest spirits inspired this truly unique product.


Client: Duh u boci
Year: 2018


Design, Branding

This is where our passion came into play – branding the product, starting with the seemingly easy task of naming the gin, through the logo & label design challenges, all the way to the final brand story.

Since it was created by two pilots, naming the product “Old Pilot’s Gin“ was an obvious solution. Still, it was sometimes hard to see the forest from the trees. After we came up with the name, it was only logical to continue with the aviation theme and use as many aviation motives as possible. There was only one problem: there were so many, and the label offered limited space to creatively put them together. Since we often find ourselves overwhelmed with too many ideas, picking and choosing are some of our best skills. But, this time it wasn’t as easy, with so many planes, models, motives, lights and stripes, maps and tracks to choose from… Fortunately, the clients helped by knowing what they wanted and didn’t want. There are many secrets as to why some things were done a certain way. For example, the shape of the label follows the shape of the plane’s wings, and the plane used for the visual is one of the most recognizable models in the history. We’ll leave the rest to true gin & aviation lovers to discover. Every detail on the bottle has a meaning, a role in the story, and all together they unmistakeably tell a story that was meant to be told – the story of two passions combined: flying and finest gin spirit. This truly was one of the projects that still makes us smile with pride, raise the glass and say “Cheers!“.

Photos by Tomislav Valent & Božidar Prezelj. Thumbnail photo by Luka Travaš.