Every story is a door to new opportunities, a beginning of a relationship and, most importantly, a unique experience. It is a way to evoke feelings by consistently engaging the audience and reshaping their thinking and behaviour. Brand stories are all about creating such emotions and giving the consumers what they really want and need, whether they know it or not. That’s what we do. We are an advertising agency whose DNA is storymaking in every possible form – from 360°campaigns, product branding and packaging to digital and social media advertising.

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FZOEU / Earthquake Relief Campaign

Gardia / GF Beer Branding

Podravka / B To B a.k.a. Bio Tomato Branding

Designer Outlet Croatia / Centre Shooting

Podravka / SausAge

Žito / Frozen foods

Žito / Small bites

Žito / New packaging line

Podravka / Jubilee Packaging

1001 Cvet / SLOSKI Loyalty

1001 Cvet / Mountain tea

Old Pilots Gin / Branding

Designer Outlet Croatia / Opening event and Comms

Jadran / Image

Rotary Club Zagreb 1242 / Humanitarian Campaign

Jadran / Walk & Care

Nord Produkt / Hausmaher Viral

Nord Produkt / Image Campaign

Blitz Cinestar / Standardization

Narodne Novine & HNS / Image Campaign

Centar Cvjetni / Branding & Comms

Accessoires / Image Campaign

Zagrebačka Banka / Product Campaigns

Croatian Lottery / Grebonaut

Fun Cake Factory / Juice branding

HPB / Contactless card

HPB / Current Account Campaign

Fun Cake Factory / Crêpe Branding

HPB / Loans Campaign

dentAcentar / Identiteeth

HPB / Savings Campaign

Metro Cash&Carry / The Magic of Christmas

Ministry of Culture / French Connection

HPB / Prepaid For Youngsters

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Tomislav Krajačić

Tomislav Krajačić

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Silvija Zidarić

Client Service Director

Goran Božić

Goran Božić

Creative Director

Martina Ocvirk

Martina Ocvirk

Chief Administration Officer

Ivo Mađor

Ivo Mađor

Head of Graphic Operations

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